Generic Gold Refining Kit

Generic Gold Refining Kit with Support

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Generic Gold Refining Kit with email support

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This sale is for a complete set (4 batches) of gold refining chemicals ONLY which is includes 2 pounds of sodium nitrate, 1 pound of urea and 1 pound of Sodium MetabiSulfite. This does not included any of the acids for working with, that you will have to buy at your local hardware store! The instructions are FREE and I can send you some links for refining.

    I also have a free help page here on ebay with info that will give you an idea of what is involved.

    I will not help anyone from the same area that I live since I want ALL the gold here!!!

This will be shipped in compliance with USPS Pub 52. It is non toxic, non flammable and non explosive substance. This stuff is so safe, the nitrogen will make your plants green or you can even use it to cure meats!